8 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Chinese

For those of you who love Videos, and also want to learn in between your procrastinating, check out this list of 8 of the best Chinese Language content providers on Youtube, who together have created an astounding 599 videos…..

If you want a quick snapshot of all the providers, check out our collection of these providers’ videos on LingoBite.

Note: These videos are not in order of preference

1.  Learn Chinese with Yangyang

Learn Chinese Online with Yangyang   Mandarin Video Lessons With professional presentations, effective teaching methods and concise explanations, Yangyang does a great job of teaching Mandarin through her videos. Yangyang, based in the US but of Chinese descent, covers topics such as Grammar, Pinyin and important survival content. Finding really high quality Chinese learning videos online is always tough, but Yangyang is right up there. She’s recently launched her own site, with exclusive videos that aren’t available on Youtube so check them out. Also make sure to subscribe to her Youtube Channel.

2. Chinese with Mike

Learn Chinese with MikeLearning Chinese can be pretty dull at times, but Mike has a way about him that makes it a bit of fun. His casual, cheeky method makes his “class” (in his garage) really enjoyable. He covers the basics, from Pinyin to different grammar, and does it in a structured way that a teacher would educate you in a class (note: he is a professional teacher in Chicago). Check out Mike’s website, subscribe to his Youtube Channel, or check out one of his Pinyin lessons on LingoBite.

3. Peggy Teaches Chinese

Learn Mandarin Chinese with PeggyPeggy is from Taiwan and her style is bubbly and energetic. She often creates interesting stories around her topics to make the learning experience more fun for the students. Peggy uses different personas within the video to represent different ideas – like this video on how to pick up girls in Chinese where she plays the girl AND the boy! Check out Peggy’s Youtube page here.

4. iamxiaoli

iamxiaoliIf you want to learn Chinese through some alternative videos – “iamxiaoli” is the way to go. You’ll either love or hate these videos – as they are very extreme and sometimes kinda creepy! At LingoBite, we like to see providers trying to break the norm, and xiaoli definitely does that!! Check out one of Xiaoli’s lessons turned into a Bite here on LingoBite, or Subscribe to Xiaoli’s Youtube page (Note: She has 24 lessons, but hasen’t been updated for a while).

5. Sexy Mandarin

Learn Chinese with these Sexy Mandarin Videos Like iamxiaoli this one you will either love or hate (I imagine the men won’t have a problem). Anyway, we are going to feature it as it has the value of making language learning “interesting”, even if you kinda focus on the wrong thing :) . In Sexy Mandarin’s videos, there are hot models who teach you a word or concept. High-level production + Hot women = lots of views, 580,000 in fact for the “What time is it” video…I mean, how exciting is it to learn the time in Mandarin?? So congratulations to them to making learning “exciting”. Check out their website or subscribe to their lessons on Youtube.

6. Minna Xiao (eChineseLearning)

Learn Chinese with eChineseOnlineeChineselearning are a Skype training company based in Beijing who have also create a few short educational videos that are worth a look. Minna, the host, is a bubbly Chinese girl, who teaches some key Chinese vocabulary. The last video was uploaded a good 6 months ago, but there are 81 to go through, so there’s enough there! One thing to note is that not all of these videos are with the same presenter, so the style varies. Check out their Youtube Channel!

7. ChineseClass 101

Learn Mandarin Chinese with ChineseClass 101ChineseClass were one of the competitors to ChinesePod back in my days at the startup, but they’ve done some cool stuff as they’ve grown – one of which is the video content! Out of their 119 videos, they have series such as “3 minute Chinese”, “Travel Chinese”, “Learn Chinese with Pictures” and “Learn Chinese with Pictures & Video”. So, if you make it through their videos you’ll certainly pick up a lot of Mandarin – Check out ChineseClass 101′s Youtube Channel.

7. Talk to Weilai

Learn Chinese with Weilai's videosWeilai produces some very simple, but useful videos for learning Chinese. Although the Characters are Traditional (used mainly in Taiwan and Hong Kong), the content she covers is still very useful for those learning Simplified. She only has 11 videos, but is still worth a look. Check out Weilai’s lessons here on her Youtube page.

8. GraspChinese

Learn Chinese with Grasp ChineseAlso providing a limited amount of videos, GraspChinese provides a simple and well-structured way of getting the basics. Dani, who lived in Ireland (bonus points for that), runs through different topics such as Arriving at the Airport, and Shopping. The format is slide-show style video with different useful dialogues being played out. Check out Dani’s GraspChinese on Youtube or on their website at GraspChinese.

A Selection of Other Providers:

Here are some additional Youtube providers, that you can take a look at: ninhao - who have some good Pinyin & Character videos,  eTeacherChinese, (watch out for their quite humorous dub-over to say “” at the start of each video), ActiveChinese, which has some cartoon style videos from a long time back, and Mandarin Network.

So, there it is, a list of more than 8 Youtube Videos that will have keep you busy studying! If there are other providers we didn’t mention that you find particularly helpful, post them below in the comments!

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5 Responses to 8 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Chinese

  1. By Val, August 16, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    Great list! Also really liked ChinesePod’s Videos, but they don’t seem to be on youtube.

  2. By Charlie, August 17, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Nice list, the only one out of these that I was subscribed to previously was sexy mandarin which is actually great.

  3. By LingoBite, August 17, 2012 at 11:32 am

    @Charlie…how do you like Sexy Mandarin?
    Often when I look at it, am in a public space, and people think am looking at some naughty stuff…but I tell them I’m learning :-)
    - Ross

  4. By Brian, August 21, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    please review my website the World Word Exchange for learning Mandarin. There is nothing like my site anywhere. Let me know what you think.

  5. By scholarships in utah, September 23, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Great article, I enjoyed reading it.

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